xOwlHeart, a OTer, joined ROBLOX on January 31, 2010 and started foruming around early 2011. She is still an active forumer to this day..

Past Usernames

  • xOwlHeart
  • pastelcrown
  • ohneptune
  • estrogenn (username got reset because it was deemed inappropriate)
  • dollface


xOwlHeart first joined in 2010 as Imyblox. After about a year, she started foruming. As Imyblox, she did not gain that much recognition. After a year of foruming with 2563 posts, Imyblox was falsely banned on November 12th, 2012 for unauthorized charges. She then made an account called Bloximy. 271 posts later, Bloximy was banned for the same reason Imyblox was.

Then, on December 21, 2012, xOwlHeart was created. Now at something in the 7000s she has gotten more recognition than Imyblox and Bloximy. She is still currently foruming.

On November 2nd 2014. She came back to OT and made a thread saying "if you guess which OTer this is i'll leak his info." the OTer was EmminentDoom.

She did his part and gave away all his info. But the thread was deleted.

In October 2016 she changed her username and all her posts got wiped out.

Her username is glucosemother and she's starting to become active again.

She is still active on ROBLOX but has not been seen in OT for a while.

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