Scriph is very rare to log on, but used spam bot spamming "Go along little girl, go along" in OT while xXScriptzXx still used RT

xXScriptzXx is a programmer, sometimes trolls. He says he is a 17 year old Russian. Although he has openly admited to being American, but hating the USA so much he lies about it.

xXScriptzXx used to forum in RT

xXScriptzXx offical leaving of RT is unknown


  • RequestNoli
  • PutinObamaInTheTrash
  • GraphicalPixel (Termed 9/11)
  • 12345Gray
  • ScriphE

He owns sites

He once was framed in raiding Wikia

Many pages linked to, or false advertising

(Both links are deleted due to URL forwarding discontinued as of 1/7/15.)

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