XanthicDragon is an "average" OTer. He isn't well known, but the handful of OTers that do know him (Aside from those in The Scalie Skype Group are mere acquaintances with him. He generally posts things from entirely random topics to the various occurrences that happen to him. Rarely will he post a topic about other OTers.

More info

XanthicDragon is a developer. He is well known outside of OT for his "Dragon RP" game ( ). He is very good with RBX_LUA (ROBLOX's modified version of LUA 5.1). He is also talented in Java. (See one of his most prized works in Java here: ). Some of his works in ROBLOX are quite amazing (You can see his latest creations here: ).

Signature TheCatsFromCompton's official bby

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