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== Xingg ==

Xingg is an American who lives in Illinois. He currently has around 2K posts.

Fun facts about this lil' guy

Xingg joined ROBLOX in June 8th,2012.

He did make a few controversial topics back then.

Nothing else is known about Xingg's ROBLOX life.

His Forum Life.

He discovered the ROBLOX forums around Autumn of 2013.

Started in S&I and found OT.

He posts topics that he thinks needs to be talked about. Usually something like a current event or how severe the event is. Probably at least every half a month or so.

He also sometimes posts about his personal life. (School and things.)

Fun facts about this guy.

His birthday is in March 8th.

He's an underdog of OT. (Doesn't get noticed often.)

Neutral to some occasions and will state his opinion a lot in the controversial threads and otherwise.

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