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XxMNHunterxX's current look as of now.

XxMNHunterxX is an OTer who joined on the 12th of July, 2011. His post count at the time of the making of this page is 979 . His siggy and previous siggy is "Your speed means nothing if it's death that your running from." and "Say my name."


  • His newest siggy references The Megas song "Quick and the Blue". His older one references a quote the main character of Breaking Bad, Walter White.
  • He claims to have had an account in 2009, but it was terminated. 
  • He recently gave away an alt to another OT'er, Amazingluka, as apart of a thread in which if l1d was 8, 6, or 9, he would give his alt to someone on the thread.
  • He hates Fart Alts alot.

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