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The 2014 OT YES! Magazine Raid was an OT raid in which many OTers raided events of YES! Magazine, eventually causing many members of the group, including the owner, to "raid" back on OT, the previous leader was eventually deleted with an OT'er acting like a parent requesting the account's deletion, but she eventually got the account back. Many OT'ers were annoyed by this and joined YES! Magazine.

This raid is what originally led to the creation of the satirical, OT-run fashion group HECK NO! Magazine.

First Raid

One of the OT'ers had posted a link to YES! Magazine's HQ, telling other OT'ers to report the description since it referenced OD'ers to get it CD'd and the leader possibly deleted, OT'ers reported it and the description was eventually CD'd, many other OT'ers also raided the place in-game, leading to them being banned, they ended up saying the place was horrible.

Second Raid

Many OT'ers raided a fashion event at YES! Magazine, which was possibly unsuccessful and they got banned once again from the place.

YES! Visits OT

Many members of YES! Magazine, including the owner, iMargarette, decided to visit OT, and posted many threads and such insulting OT and the raiders and sometimes asking for them to stop.

iMargarette's Deletion

An unknown OTer acted like a parent of iMargarette, and requested via email that she should be deleted. This ended up working as iMargarette was eventually deleted, the group was taken over by one of the members who visited OT, iMargarette eventually appealed her account. In 2015, this person was later revealed to be long-time OTer Far_Way. iMargarette has since forgaven Far_Way and doesn't seem to care about the incident with OT anymore.

HECK NO! Magazine

HECK NO! Magazine (HNM) primarily served as a joke during the war. The name came from a random forum post, and the group was created by Nteorvolri. It was used to partially taunt YES!, but Nteorvolri, to prevent problems for OT, forbid the direct involvement of the group in raiding, and those in the group that raided were exiled.

After the raid, Nteorvolri left the group, of which it was taken by Skittleblend.

HNM After the Incident

After the raid, HECK NO! changed to a satirical fashion group after Nteorvolri reacquired the group in early 2015. A café/bakery branch, HECK NO! Bakery & Sweets, was opened up to serve as restaurant group satire, but it never took off.

The satire was kept up until the Eerie Designs name deletion incident, of which HNM was blamed for by OT and subsequently Eerie. The owners of both groups, Nteorvolri and Grotesquette, cleared up the issue and advised each other on what to do at the time and solved the incident. The name was restored on 10/19/2015 and the groups agreed to co-exist. Due to account threats and various changes, Nteorvolri removed HECK NO!'s association with Off Topic and quit OT to manage the group properly.

Heck no dead

HECK NO! failed at properly becoming an actual fashion group, with extreme inactivity from members and accusations of still being satire. On 8/12/2016, the group noted itself as inactive and management moved to ➳ D I V U M © (DIVUM), a fully serious fashion group under near identical management. HECK NO! became inactive and funds from clothing sales were used to fund DIVUM advertisement.

Around September 2016, Nteorvolri (now Torivor_Len) quit DIVUM and worked at Eerie Designs for a short time until leaving and working on another group. During that time, HNM's funds were used to fund Overwatch Fans instead. HECK NO! was closed in May 2017, with all members being removed, and fully shut down in August 2017. Nteorvolri has not returned to OT since.

Direct Aftermath

One certain OTer, Grayssake, was sick of the event, and decided to quit OT and move to RT. YES! Magazine received a new leader and iMargarette became the owner of another group until quitting in late 2015. There were rumors about her being killed in a car accident in 2016, these statements however were false. Despite being shut down, the groups games remain intact.

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