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"But I'm a Noob."


Yoshiangel is an OTer. She had two siblings that played ROBLOX, but they switched to Minecraft.

She owns a MLP:FIM roleplaying game that has 100k visits.

OT History

She started to forum around May 2012 in her alt NoobyGirl1234, but she abandoned that account and moved to Yoshiangel. She is sometimes active but she can get very active sometimes. NoobyGirl1234 is seen very actively online, most seen with user jenjen6306 on several occasions.

It was confirmed that this account was hacked on 4/15/17 by users whom call themselves Notorious, Iniquitous, and Nefarious.

R.I.P Yoshiangel.

3/29/09 - 4/15/17

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