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YukariAkiyama, previously known as R05 before deletion. She is a infamous OTer who is a fascist, nationalist user on Off Topic. She usually hates anyone who does not agree with her opinions.

Profile Blurb

"People think I like to start arguments. I don't. I simply enjoy arguing with others and arguments happen on their own. Also, don't call me a troll. Calling someone a troll is what people do when A) they're losing an argument B) they're upset you have different beliefs C) they're upset when you have different beliefs."

She enjoys arguing in lengthy debates on any subject.

She is often noted to be a troll, however she is not. As described in her profile blurb she states that calling someone a troll is what people do when they're losing an argument or disagree with them and cannot accept their opinion.

Other Information and Facts

  • She dislikes certain people and topics, such as "furries" and "bronies".
  • She believes that the Holocaust never happened and is a hoax.
  • She also supports Neo-Nazism and other white supremacist movements including the Klu Klux Klan, and many other skinhead groups.
  • She calls other races offensive names.
  • She joined Roblox on June 11th, 2014. 
  • She currently has 3200+ posts.
  • She only had her place on Roblox visited once by someone else, whomever it was is unknown.
  • Her first two main accounts, Cheesyfeet776 and R05, were both terminated for hate speech, as were R052 and a handful of other alts.
  • According to her, hate "keeps her warm.".
  • As of Dec 28, 2015 the account YukariAkiyama has 13 days of hate speech bans, with 5 bans. Across the several other accounts there are over 2 months of hate speech bans, with 2 main accounts deleted and 5 alternate accounts now gone.

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