Around 10:00 PM EST on the 13th of July, OTer DrowsyDays posted that she was randomly made Vice President of Yummiez[1], and that if anybody joined, they would be promoted to the highest rank possible. Every single normal user (1000+) was exiled from the group. Approximately 30 OTers got ranked up, and they began spamming the group shout and modifying or creating places like "autism test center" and 3DSPuppy's infamous "EGG HUNT 1941". By 11:00 PM EST, dozens of spam places had been created. The owner, Shxhe, still wasn't aware, despite numerous contact attempts.

The next day at approximately 9:00 A.M. EST, an HR of the group known as JoeThePerfectional11 came online and realized that the group had been raided overnight. He quickly started reverting things, but was stopped when he tried to exile OTers. Astrain1 had gotten on her alt and was changing the shout to constant profane insults against Joe. Joe was eventually exiled, and the group remained in OT's control.

One of the places created during the raid (made by Ordinari)

Later at approximately 2:00 P.M. EST on the same day, a more powerful HR known as xXNeonRiderXx came online. Realizing what had happened, he demoted all the OTers to the lowest rank and reset all the group places. In 10 minutes, OT had seemingly lost control of Yummie'z. However, xXNeonRiderXx was then exiled, leaving Drowsydays as the only Vice President remaining, and Drowsydays promoted all OT'ers back to the highest rank possible, meaning that OT once again had full control over the group.


On approximately 8/14/2016, over a month after the incident, Yummie'z was locked, presumably due to the incredibly large amount of inappropriate games in the group.

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