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ZachHelms is an OTer who initially joined in April 2011 ROBLOX under the OutbackZack account. Though he made multiple friends, such as lazytimothy321, saltpopcorn, raynedrop, and Ultimatebrock, he forget the password to the account and eventually was passguessed later that September. ZachHelms was one of the accounts that spawned from OutbackZack.


Before he joined Off Topic, ZachHelms frequented Suggestions and Ideas and often bashed suggestions posted on the forum. After hearing about Off Topic, he later investigated and eventually joined.

ZachHelms first came into relevancy as the character he portrayed named "Dude Love". The hippie character became popular for a slight amount of time until he discontinued it by the end of May. Another user, now named RealSteveAustin, noticed his interest in wrestling and eventually became friends. Other friends include shadow97, SongOfSwords, dtownboy, Zacmaq, etc.

Currently, Zach insists on complaining about every little thing he can. He often attacks people who he thinks are "crapposters", such as StreetsofSimCity, Slydexia, and VedatPesha.


  • Zach was fully responsible for the Akrylix incident in July 2014.
  • Zach considers himself to be a funposter.
  • Zach currently has a clue.
  • Zach is an ID God as of 2016.
  • Zach is known for being very based
  • Zach's only favourite OTers are RealSteveAustin, CarltheDragonborn, and Bloxxeen
  • Zach's favorite insult is "take a shower, hit the weights, and get a clue"
  • Zach is reaching for 100k someday
  • Zachs favorite move is known as the "Necro Bump"

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