Zanebus, currently trying to develop games and learn more about computer programming. He logs onto OT a lot and is usually active. He doesn't really post on other forum sections other than OT. People who don't recognize him usually mistake him as a girl. This sometimes irritates him, but most of the time it doesn't.


Before Zanebus joined OT, he was trying to make games. He usually cancelled most of them because he messed up on them. He loved to play games like Sword Burst Online, Minigame games, and tycoons. Other than that, he was a normal Robloxian.

Early Activity

When he first joined OT, he didn't know much about the forums. He never really made any posts, just replied to threads. He usually got insulted but he ignored the insults the best he could. He usually disagreed with a lot of people, but avoided arguments. He changed his outfits multiple times because of comments on them, and decided on one that resembled his first outfit, but didn't look as bad. He later got in an argument with the user StreetsOfSimCity, which when it was over, he quit Roblox for a little bit. He joined again a few days later and continued foruming.

Current Activity

Zanebus is currently a lot more active, especially on weekends. He sometimes gets into other arguments, but other than that, he's a pretty nice OT'er.


~Loves music ~Learning more programming skills ~Hates fashion groups

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