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zaniac10 is an older OTer, with approximately almost 8,000 forum posts as of 3/2/2016. He was introduced to OT by the user named "fameus". zaniac10 is not famous on OT, but he is well known. zaniac10 is also a programmer, when he's not on OT, he's usually programming games. zaniac10's favorite game on ROBLOX is The Conquerors Mark II. His age is unknown, but people speculate he may be around age 14 or 15. He refuses to give out his real age. zaniac10's join date on ROBLOX was 8/18/2009 or August 18th, 2009. His gender is male, and he mainly plays ROBLOX. His 2nd favorite game out of ROBLOX is World of Warcraft. zaniac10's favorite candy is Snickers, according to a post he made in October 2014. He doesn't know exactly when he started foruming, but he said it was somewhere between September and October 2014. He is yet to be terminated/deleted, but has gotten several 1 day bans and one 3 day ban.

Though it is not directly stated, many assume he is in fact gay. he like one peice also so yeah he is gay

Before he started going on the Off Topic subforum, he learned scripting by going to the Scripting Helpers subforum. When the Scripting Helpers subforum was later deleted, he started going to Off Topic.

(hey guys its me zaniac10 heres some more stuff from me personally)

im gay

some of my favorite games are: ROBLOX, World of Warcraft, Wizard101, Terraria, Garry's Mod, Starbound, Skyrim, and a few others i can't think of from the top of my head

my favorite OTers are:


fameus (he kinda quit OTing for the most part)



and some others

i live in brazil

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