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Zapoke1z24h4 is an active-inactive OTer and VGCer who at the time of writing is at 865 post count. Zapoke1z24h4 is active in both OT and VGC at the time, as well. Zapoke1z24h4 has many alts, but his main alt is Mbib. Zapoke1z24h4 can also be called Zapoke, Zap, and ZapokeTheBoss on some other sites. His favorite ROBLOX game at the time of writing is said to be either Heist, Call of ROBLOXIA 5, or The Greenwood Town. He also likes to forum on S&I and help sometimes. Zapoke1z24h4 is proven an ID god by this thread:


Zapoke1z24h4 likes to make scenarios (Said to be his favorite type of thread in OT), how2's, and some other types. In VGC he likes to talk about video games and such.


Zapoke1z24h4 joined ROBLOX on August 20th, 2012. He was looking for a alternative to Minecraft (He now hates Minecraft dearly), and found ROBLOX through an ad on a website. Around a month or two later, he lost his password and played as a guest for a few months until finding it again. He then bought some clothing and started to play some games. Some of his favorite games included: Bloxlore RPG by HaterDeleted, Build to survive zombies, and others. He kept playing games on ROBLOX, and one day in 2014, he found Pauljkl's Las Vegas game. He liked it, and so he joined the group it was apart of. He forgot who the owner of the group was then. He began to love ro-nations and joined a lot of them. He did this for about a year until he found a new passion in the ROBLOX forums. He started to forum a bit on S&I and C&G for a few days, then he started to go on VGC (Video Game Central). He forumed there to this day, and then he started to forum on OT. When asked about what forum he liked better, he said "I like both OT and VGC, but if you ask me, I like VGC a tad bit better". To this day he enjoys foruming, playing video games, anime (His favorite is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), and YouTube watching.


This user has been foruming for about a year or so

This user joined on August 20th, the same day in 1866 when the American Civil War was formally declared over by President Andrew Johnson

Once, he actually got a warning for saying "I like fullmetal alchemist" on OT. The link can be found here

Zapoke1z24h4's favorite game was said to be Just Cause 3, and the reason was:

"It's fun to be Michael Bay" -Zapoke1z24h4 in an "OT AMA"


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