zeldalinklover is a nine y/o author that forums on OT to relieve stress, and most of the time, to find people she can relate with. zeldalinklover is the owner of peny105, the infamous account that has been stolen after she had posted a youtube video, stepping on morphs to look like a BC person. 



This is a gemstone namesnipe alt of zeldalinklover. She uses it a lot more then pixelett.


She stole a scammer's name to use on her roblox account. Her sister now uses this account.

peny105 [lost alt]

She made a youtube roblox account giveaway, causing her account to be lost forever.

CoralBot [spam bot]

zeldalinklover used to spam OT with CoralBot with lots of really long iPad threads.


  • zeldalinklover admits to being nine years old, as she admitted it in a thread if she got 2 pages.

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