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Zommmmmmber joined in 2/20/2011 as a starter robloxian, with his default place. A OTer and semi-famous due to the fact he had a place called Amy which included "Amy" That did explictive stuff to the user she was going after. Then 1 month later a Youtuber posted a video of Zom's place which got deleted at 6/20/2012 by an unknown user. During 2013, Zom was very inactive due to real life stuff etc. Then for some unknown reason he came back in 7/3/2013 and started playing games and foruming.

A link to the place:

RobloxScreenShot09012013 193410921

Zomm playing with a The Fortune Teller with some OTers.

Zom actually had a account back in 2008 but lost interest in the game and came back 3 years later on a different account.

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