Zonkman31 is a rather unknown poster on Off Topic and a "slightly edgy lion".

He has over 5,000 posts as of March 13, 2016.

Zonkman31 once got banned for 1 day by asking random users to rub his robloxian's nose spot, and another day for posting several extremely bad ideas in the Suggestions and Ideas subforum, like "Replace Tix with Liquid Pizza" and "Nanosecond Free BC: But it's gone."


Zonkman31 has an abnormally large number of alts/sockpuppets.

Pookoosh Edgy troll that gets perpetually banned.
Yazop Barely anybody; when he's even on he's pretty much like Pookoosh.
Yux999 Naked 3.0 that sent Builderman a bad word message and almost got killed.
Zonkman, Zonkman20, Zonkman1234, Zonkman30, Zonkman46, Zonkman57, gahu789, smallbum12 Original or temp accounts.
NoobWithADominus Tried to make profits from Zonkman31's other alts watching his video ads, but the admins refused to fully pay him.
ShadowOfYux When Yux999 got banned for 7 days (see how above), This was another somewhat inappropriate account.
LiterallyWorthless A joke alt who also appears naked and has a completely empty inventory.
T_Tx A simple underscore namesnipe.
PalHairWoman Cringe.

His profile page: [1]

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