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Zyliox is an OTer who started foruming some time in mid 2013. He joined on November 23, 2012. He has 5.8k+ posts, 90% of which are on OT. He sometimes goes to S&I or ATR to post things for the mods to look at. He also develops games, his most popular being Space: A New Age, which currently has 1.8k visits. His enemies include REDIVIAN and voidscar1. His OT friends include ClassicShrek, ArcticSorcery, VedatPasha, SongOfSwords, MadSanity, and 67thave. Zyliox got his hat from ClassicShrek, who gave him a Tasteless Top Hat, which he proceeded to trade for a Timeless Top Hat. Zyliox strongly dislikes anime, furries, and bronies. He's 12 years old, and is quite into Monstercat. He also likes LEGO, Starbound, Space Engineers, and Garry's Mod.

Zyliox sometimes posts topics that usually lead into an argument between him and an opposing user. His two most famous ones were "Stop using autism as an insult" and "ya'lls need to understand", in which he explained the psychology of twelve-year-olds, and why it's wrong to make fun of them. Voidscar1 attacked him for this, saying he was butthurt and offended because someone made fun of people his age. Zyliox responded with an equally terrible argument, spanning across several threads. Eventually, super79mario convinced him to stop posting on the final thread, which he did.

Recently, Zyliox got into a flame war over a video he recorded of him doing a front flip. At least 10 people participated against him.It has since ended.

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